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Tractor driven PTO-generators up to 130 kVA/104 kW

powerful PTO-generators for use with tractor power take-off, specially made for agricultural businesses

MagnaGen GmbH offers PTO generators up to 104 kW in a IP44 protected canopy (PDF) for backing up farms or estates.  The generators are available with several options, for example with a special supply socket for providing backup power to your home, farm or estate. This way you can power your milking machine, feeder and ventilation system in case of an outage. There are also other options such as an insulation monitoring device instead of an RCD. This will allow you to work with electric power tools in the field without having to use an ground rod.

The genset was engineered to the highest standards and always with practical use in mind. As farming can be a tough job in all sorts of weather conditions we put the generator inside a protective steel canopy. This ensures that the genset and its alternator meet protection grade IP44 and thus can be used in all weather conditions without second thoughts. The canopy not only protects the alternator from rain, but also acts as a protective cover against mechanical damage.

You won't need any filters and there is no power derating, allowing your to operate the generator with nearly zero maintenance unlike a diesel powered backup generator. For ease of use all meters (voltage, current and frequency) are illuminated to ensure readability even at night. The display panel was designed so it can easily be seen from tractors drivers seat to ensure quick and easy setup.


side view of 104 kW/130 kVA PTO generator with IP44 protection in steel canopy


If you want to see our pto-generators or diesel generating sets in action, have a look at our YouTube channel 

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